An Allocator's Guide to Tokenized Treasuries

From $100B+ asset managers to young startups, tokenized US Treasuries are exploding in popularity. This 50+ page report dives into the details of what differentiates them.

Jack Chong
5 minutes
November 1, 2023

Most public attention is on the speculative nature of digital assets. Little is known that the underlying technology of blockchain is now used for custodying, trading and settling more than $300M worth of US Treasuries. Crypto asset allocators should supplement this guide with their decision making processes; while traditional finance investors and service providers should find this guide informative about the financial applications of blockchain technology.

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This report dives deep into 11 tokenized treasury products offered by companies ranging from $1T+ asset managers like Franklin Templeton, to young upstarts like OpenEden. For each, we survey their different mechanisms and important nuances to help investors understand this nascent product.

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