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Product Update: Directory V2

Charlie You
Co-founder & CTO
5 minutes
November 15, 2023

At, we’re committed to providing the most comprehensive and user-friendly resource for investors, protocols, and researchers to keep up in this fast-moving space. The Directory is the most comprehensive list of RWA protocols and has since been used by tens of thousands of people to discover everyone involved in tokenization. Since its inception, it has been instrumental in connecting industry players, facilitating investments, and fostering partnerships.

The growth trajectory of the RWA sector has been nothing short of remarkable. When we first launched the Directory, it featured less than 20 key protocols. Fast forward nine months, and we're now showcasing over 200 RWA companies. This exponential increase is not just in numbers but also in the diversity and scope of the entities.

In addition to the major increase in listings, we’re excited to announce a new set of features that allow you to navigate the companies in the RWA space easier than ever.

Listing a Wider Range of RWA Companies

The original Directory only included Tokenization Protocols that originate assets through their smart contracts. While these companies still make up the bulk of those listed, the industry consists of many other types of participants. To reflect that, we now have sections that list these other companies:

Infrastructure & Service Providers

Providers in this category supply essential tools and services for RWA tokenization, including fund administration, legal and compliance aid, custodial solutions, and agency services. The directory aids in identifying these critical players, streamlining the search for technical, legal, and operational partners in the RWA domain.

DeFi Protocols

This section lists DeFi platforms like lending services and yield aggregators that incorporate RWAs into their financial mechanisms. The directory highlights how RWAs are integrated into the DeFi ecosystem, offering insights into innovative applications and new investment opportunities.

RWA Issuers & Originators

These companies are pivotal in issuing and originating tokenized real-world assets, connecting traditional assets with blockchain technology. They cover a broad spectrum, from real estate to art tokenization and blockchain-based debt instruments. The directory provides direct access to these innovative asset classes, fostering investment, research, and collaboration opportunities.

Improved Searching and Filtering

To tackle the challenge of navigating through our growing list of companies, we've upgraded our search and filtering functions. Whether you're seeking a specific type of DeFi protocol, an RWA issuer, or a service provider, our improved tools allow you to filter by company types, execution network used, and the class and region of tokenized assets, among other criteria. This makes the process of finding relevant companies faster and more user-friendly, especially helpful for those who have specific needs or are exploring a particular niche within the RWA space.

Verified Information via Company-Claimed Profiles

Companies now can claim their profiles and provide verified, current information about their services and operations. With company-claimed profiles, users can trust that the details they’re viewing are correct and endorsed by the companies themselves. For the companies listed in our directory, claiming their profile is an opportunity to showcase their offerings accurately and build trust with potential investors and partners.

Streamlined Listing Process

To keep up with the significant expansion of companies in the tokenization space, we’ve completely redesigned our processes for company, protocol, and asset listings. We now support additions to the Directory significantly faster than before. A Directory listing is also the first step to getting your assets and smart contracts integrated into our data platform, creating a unified entry point for all partners.

If you are a company involved in the RWA space and would like to get listed, follow the instructions on this page.

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