Product Update

Product Update: Data Downloads & User Accounts

The data platform now supports data downloads in Excel and CSV formats. Our standardized data enables researchers, investors, and issuers to analyze the asset tokenization industry.

Adam Lawrence
2 minutes
July 5, 2023

Download Data on Real-World Assets

We are excited to announce that all data on the platform is now available for download in CSV and Excel formats! Data can be easily accessed through the "Data Downloads" tab. You'll be prompted to make an account (we support both Google and Microsoft log-ins) to access the data.

Standardized data is critical to providing investors, researchers, and asset issuers a macro view of the tokenization sector. Using our data, users can quickly produce industry-standard metrics and analysis. Datasets include: 

  • Protocols: DeFi protocols that manage on-chain debt facilities (e.g. Maple, Centrifuge, etc.)
  • Investments: Assets that investors are able to allocate to
  • Loans: Individual tokenized loans
  • Pools: On-chain pools of multiple assets
  • Tranches: On-chain slices of assets
  • Issuers: Entities that issue debt and equity assets on-chain
Help and Custom Data

To request custom data, on either specific protocols or assets, please don't hesitate to reach out at Head to our downloads page to get started.

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